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New Friends Colony, Mathura Road

New Delhi - 110025, India

Telephone No. : 011-26916725,

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Club Membership

The club membership is available by invitation to applicants selected by the management committee under the guidelines mentioned in this section.

Membership Category

  • Resident Members

  • Resident Life Members

  • Associate (i.e. Non - Resident) Members

  • Associate (i.e. Non - Resident) Life Members

  • Corporate Members

  • Dependent Members

  • Temporary Members

Resident Members

Any person of sound mind, who has attained the age of 21 years and who is Resident of New Friends Colony, and C- Block, Friends Colony, New Delhi would be eligible to apply for admission "Resident Member" of the Club.


The term 'Resident of the Colony' would mean


(i)   A person, who owns residential accommodation in the Colony and lives therein himself.

(ii)   A person who resides in the Colony as a regular tenant. The term 'Colony' means New Friends Colony and C- Block, Friends Colony, New Delhi.

(iii)   A person, who owns residential accommodation in the Colony but is not living therein for the time being provided that the said accommodation has not been transferred directly or indirectly under any agreement of sale of Power of Attorney.

Dependent  Members

A person of sound mind residing in the Colony, who has attained the age of 21 years and it below 25 years, if his/her father/mother is a founder Member or Hony. Member or Resident Member or Resident Life Member of the club, shall be eligible to apply for membership under this category after the club is fully functional and operational.


He/She shall, if admitted, pay 50% of the presorbed rate of admission fee as on the date of admission and as fixed by the managing Committee from time to time


On attaining the age of 25 years or on expiry ofthree years of membership under this category, whichever be later, a Dependent Member, shall be eligible to become 'Resident Member' without paying any further amount as admission fee.

Corporate  Members

Corporate Membership shall be in the name of Public or Private Ltd. Co. with a right to nominate upto two of its Director/Executives as Members.

Temporary Members

A person of sound mind and above 18 years age not being a resident of Delhi may on being sponsored by a Founder members/Resident members/Resident Life members/ Associated members. Associate Life members be admitted by the managing Committee as a temporary member for a specific period not exceeding 60 days in any calendar year. A temporary member shall not pay any entrance fee but will be required to pay in advance an all-inclusive subscription of Rs./ 10.00 per day for the period of his temporary membership. His proposed shall be responsible for all charges due from him to the Club.